Travel Bali: Your Safety is Paramount

safe-cruise, Bali Hai CruiseWhere ever you travel, your safety is something you certainly like to place high on the list of priorities. In recent years there have been multiple serious tourist speed boat and ferry accidents around the waters of Bali, Lembongan and Lombok. Just within the last 12 months there have been two major boat fires in which tourists were seriously injured. The latest incident happened on 6th of June 2015 as dozens of people, including Australian, New Zealand and European tourists were injured in a tourist boat explosion which resulted the transfer boat being completely burned beyond repair. 

Often these incidents are a result of cost cutting that leads to lack of proper maintenance of the vessels, lack of training, safety equipment, overloading and lack of staff trained to deal with emergency situations. Many of the low cost fast boats are dangerous, or even completely unseaworthy. 

Overloading BoatBoat burning

Naturally, accidents can happen anywhere but safe cruises and safe boating are no accident. Bali Hai Cruises is committed to passenger safety. That’s why we invest heavily- both in trems of time and money to reduce the possibility of an accident as much as possible. During the company’s whole operational period of 25 years, we have maintained a 100% safety record. This exemplary track record doesn’t come easy, and while we are proud of it, we aren’t complacent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for operators in Indonesia, and incidents are sadly all too common. We hope that by raising the bar, other members of the sailing, boating and cruising industry will follow suit to prevent passenger casualties. 

Bali Hai Cruise Boat

Bali Hai Cruises focuses on two areas of safety:
1. Prevention
2. Responsiveness.
To help prevent incidents, we ensure our vessels are thoroughly maintained on regular dry dockings and kitted out with internationally recognized state-of the art radar, sonar and steering systems, along with engines manufactured by the marine subsidiary of Mercedes. 
Safe-Secure-Insurance-Logo We also make sure at least one marine grade engineer is on all of our vessels at all times.  To ensure we are ready for just about any eventuality, our team practices regular safety drills at Benoa, on board our vessels, at our activities pontoon, and at the Bali Hai Beach Club at Nusa Lembongan. All our life jackets, life boats and other safety equipment are up to date and maintained to the highest international standards with testing completed on a regular basis. The final piece to the safety picture is insurance. Unlike many of our competitors who only carry the compulsory Indonesian government insurance of approximately US $ 2.000 Bali Hai is insured by a highly reputable company following the global standards of business conduct and insurance coverage up to US $500,000,000. All guests traveling with Bali Hai Cruises immediately fall under this comprehensive passenger liability insurance.

Aristocat Sailing Cruise, Bali Hai 

When choosing who to book your Lembongan day trip or day cruise, day sailing outing, or evening cruise; please remember that the cheap tickets and discounted prices are often coming at the expense of a greater risk to you and your family’s safety. It’s the previously mentioned combination of items that helps make Bali Hai Cruises the safest and most comfortable way to cruise Bali & south to Lembongan. You will see for yourself when you travel Bali with us.

Warm welcome for safe cruises to Lembongan and around Bali with Bali Hai Cruises!

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