Things to see, do and experience in Bali

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For a small island, Bali has so much to offer people, whether you want a relaxing holiday, adventure holiday, shopping trip, temple and cultural tour, or my favourite…a foodie holiday! If it’s a relaxing holiday you are after, Bali offers day spas on almost every street. Or you can simply choose a stunning beach, choose a beanbag, order a bintang and watch the world go by.

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Everybody’s version of relaxing is different so if you like relaxing while seeing the sights, book a cruise aboard a catamaran and head to one of the beautiful white sand islands off the coast of Sanur. Enjoy watching the blue waters disappear as the boat glides through the ocean, taking you away to a tropical island paradise.
For those who want more adventure and who can’t sit still, Bali has it all! Trail bike rides, water rafting, treks and hikes, snorkelling and diving – you won’t be stuck for choice. If you are confident you can hire a motorbike and scooter around Bali and the islands, stopping at warungs for a break, visiting temples and villages, and getting off the busy roads to see life in Bali.
Mola Mola BaliScooter-ing around the islands offer roads with few cars, stops at cliff side warungs, and village life at its best. While touring the islands at your own pace, stop to book a snorkel or dive – the islands host the most incredible marine life and a dive promises adventure and once-in-a-lifetime views of the mola-mola (famous sunfish) or even the elusive mantas.
Bali has long been known as a shopping mecca and it’s still expanding and offering more. You can do some research before hand and write a list of places to visit. Book a shopping tour if you want the experts advice. Or just pick a street and wander! From luxury boutiques, to well known brand stores, to the gorgeous and cheap markets that dot the road, the only problem you’ll have is when the purse is suddenly empty!

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The culture in Bali is heavily founded on the Hindu faith so seeing temples and village life is a must when holidaying here. Book a tour or a driver and visit ancient temples – be mindful of the Hindu beliefs and make sure you wear appropriate clothing. At the least wear something to cover shoulders and have a sarong in your bag to put on when going inside the temples.

My favourite type of holiday…a food odyssey! Bali has its own distinctive menu and part of holidaying in Bali is trying these dishes…betutu, bumbu and various styles of sambal are a feature of the menu. Be careful though – they can be spicy! However Bali offers all sorts of other cuisine, from Italian to Greek to fusion styles, fresh seafood dishes and salads, and of course you should have a Bintang. Or sample the decadent cocktails made using the freshest ginger, herbs, fruits and spices available. The best part of a foodie holiday – it goes perfectly with a relaxing, adventure, shopping or even cultural holiday!

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