Terms and Conditions of Online Transaction

By carrying out an Online Transaction, Purchaser is considered to have read and approved, and therefore, bound to the Terms and Conditions as described hereunder:

  1. Online Transaction” means the sale and purchase of cruise product(s) through the website www.balihaicruises.com, executed between:

1. PT. Bali Cruises Nusantara, a limited liability company incorporated based on the prevailing laws in the Republic of Indonesia, having domiciled in Denpasar, in this matter constitutes the cruise product organizer and the party selling cruise products through the website  www.balihaicruises.com, hereinafter referred to as “BALI HAI CRUISES ; and

2. Each person/entity intending to purchase a cruise product under the Terms and Conditions and the Online Transaction Procedures through the website www.balihaicruises.com, hereinafter referred to as “PURCHASER.”

2. Purchaser hereby states to have been 18 years old and approves the Terms and Conditions, or for any purchaser under 18 years old is deemed to have obtained their parent’s/guardian’s approval and such approval is awarded consciously without any pressures or coercions, and Purchaser is able to act as a legal subject to conclude an agreement according to the prevailing rules and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.

3. The Online Transaction Object is the sale and purchase of “Cruise product(s)” where the transaction time and premises shall be determined by BALI HAI CRUISES and such cruise product is able to be used to cruise according to the relevant class, price and time (if there are options) chosen by Purchaser.

4. BALI HAI CRUISES receives the credit card details of Purchaser via secure and private communication – from our website www.balihaicruises.com to our exclusive e-Path gateway then back again. Our website or shopping cart sends the Purchasers to our secure e-Path payment gateway to where Purchaser make their credit card payment charge authorisation within a fully PCI compliant and THAWTE SSL protected environment. Our gateway will only accept secure communications from our website or shopping cart. The e-Path acknowledgment/receipt page is then displayed immediately prior to automatically returning the Purchaser back to our website or shopping cart. It is a seamless, trouble free and smooth process.

5. Cruise” in this Online Transaction means sea transfer organized by BALI HAI CRUISES. Meanwhile, the premises and time shall be according to the announcement made by BALI HAI CRUISES and chosen by Purchaser through the website www.balihaicruises.com

6. All Online Transaction Procedures in the website www.balihaicruises.com constitute an integral part of and inseparable from the Terms and Conditions, and therefore, they bind Purchaser.

7. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute a Binding Agreement to Purchaser.

8. BALI HAI CRUISES is entitled to receive or decline a Cruise product purchase.

9. BALI HAI CRUISES is not responsible for any complaint/claim and refund, except as the Terms and Conditions stipulate otherwise.

10. BALI HAI CRUISES is able to unilaterally annul an Online Transaction without refunding the cruise product purchase price or without providing any other compensation if a Cruise product purchase is not carried out based on the Terms and Conditions.

11. BALI HAI CRUISES may take actions based on the civil code and/or criminal code against any party purchasing, owning and/or controlling a cruise product illegally or contravening with the Terms and Conditions and the Online Transaction Procedures.

12. The Online Transaction and these Terms and Conditions are subject to the applicable laws of the Republic of Indonesia and the jurisdiction of the District Court of Denpasar.

13. Any dispute arising from the Online Transaction shall be settled amicably in reference to the Terms and Conditions. Purchaser hereby states that he will not claim and/or charge BALI HAI CRUISES either based on the civil code or criminal code.

14. BALI HAI CRUISES is not responsible for any credit card abuse in the Online Transaction and for any bank decline in relation to an Online Transaction.

15. If a departure has to be cancelled by BALI HAI CRUISES, the Cruise product cannot be returned and BALI HAI CRUISES will not refund Purchaser based on their credit card billings. The cruise product price is the price advised by BALI HAI CRUISES as the cruise product price, excluding administration fee or any other fees that may arise in the future, except BALI HAI CRUISES stipulates otherwise.

16. By carrying out an Online Transaction, Purchaser binds himself to the conditions as follows:

    • One (1) cruise product is valid for the passenger(s) confirmed prior to the departure of the cruise.

    • Each passenger is prohibited from bringing pets or animals of any kind aboard the cruise.

    • Each passenger is prohibited from carrying weapons, guns, illegal drugs and psychotropic substances, alcoholic beverages and/or other hazardous substances or explosives and specific fruits such as Durian during the sea transfer.

    • BALI HAI CRUISES is entitled to inspect and/or search each passenger and/or their luggage for security purposes.

    • BALI HAI CRUISES is not responsible for any damage and loss.

    • BALI HAI CRUISES is not responsible for any death and/or injury suffered prior to, during and after the sea transfer.

    • BALI HAI CRUISES is entitled without any refunding or whatsoever compensation to prohibit any person to enter or to ask any person to leave the vessel for sea transfer security and safety purposes, if necessary.

    • BALI HAI CRUISES is entitled to cancel the sea transfer without any refunding or whatsoever compensation if there is anything beyond its reasonable control i.e. force majeure happening causing a dangerous situation for passengers’ safety.

    1. Cancellation

      • BALI HAI CRUISES vessel departure depends on the weather and BALI HAI CRUISES is entitled to change the departure schedule for passengers’ safety and comfort reasons.

    1. Cancellations must be received in writing.

    2. Cancellations received up to 48 Hours of due cruise date will incur no cancellation fee.

    3. Cancellations received within 48 Hours of due cruise date will incur 100% of the total booking.

      • In the event of there is a technical problem, BALI HAI CRUISES shall use all possible endeavour to provide a solution for the passengers. The reservation department is going to search for the most efficient transportation mean to transport the passengers to the destinations or assist to reschedule the program.

      In the event of unfriendly weather and the harbor is closed, BALI HAI CRUISES is entitled to reschedule the departure time without any refunding to the passengers.

      1. Privacy Policy

      We are committed to ensure all information you are provided is secure. To avoid illegal access, we have taken measures to protect your privacy. Each time you provide sensitive information (e.g. credit card number for transaction purposes), we have taken reasonable protecting measures, i.e. encrypting your card number. We have also taken reasonable measures to protect your personal information that you provide. We do not share your personal information that you have provided to any other company or individual person without your approval“We ensure that your order processes are secure because we use the  Secure Sockets Layer (Thawte SSL) protocol, 2,048bit Asymmetric Cryptography, PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and implement Defence Signals Directorate Certified Telecommunications Carrier. These security measures provide each customer with security and freedom to shop online without the fear of their credit card information being stolen.“

      1. Applicable Currency:

      All transactions are processed in the currency of Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR) following the current exchange rate set by BALI HAI CRUISES.

      1. Information Concerning Debit Time:

      All transactions will be processed by BALI HAI CRUISES within a period of 1 x 24 hours.