Sunset Watching

Sunset Watching

Relax as the sun goes down

Watch the colors of the sky change from just a hint of a colour to shades of deeper orange, purple and red while you cruise along the harbor sipping a drink on the open-air top deck of the Bali Hai II. Enjoy the sunset usually only seen on beautiful pictures. This time it is you making the magnificent photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.
At first, only one star shows, but soon many more appear as the day turns to night – time for you to head downstairs for a scrumptious buffet dinner and entertainment.

Sunset Watching Cruises

Sunset Watching Destinations

You can enjoy sunset watching with Bali Hai on all of these cruises –You can enjoy sunset watching with Bali Hai at all of these destinations –
Sunset Dinner CruiseSunset Dinner CruiseBenoa HarbourBenoa Harbour


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