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South of Bali

Cruise the waters of South Bali

The waves off Bali’s southern peninsula, also called Bukit by the Balinese but increasingly referred to as Nusa Dua, are the best place to watch wild dolphins frolicking and feeding in the morning hours. See Bali’s southern coast from the ocean while searching for dolphins! Your cruise will take you through the harbor and after passing Tanjung Benoa fishing village, take a turn to the south and follow the enclave of 5star resorts along white sand beaches of Nusa Dua to near Uluwatu.

Success rate for seeing dolphins is 90% and the fast moving Ocean Rafting is the ideal vessel to find them but not interfere with them. Dolphins are usually nosy enough to come near the vessel to check it out. We do not allow feeding the dolphins and our crew is trained by researchers from Australia. We collect information on sighting locations, species and numbers for researchers at James Cook University in Australia.

This cruise is ideal for dolphin lovers who like to see them spinning and riding our bow wave at times as well as people that like to have a cruise along the southern coast to see Bali from a different perspective.

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