Nusa Penida and Castaway Cruise


Spending the day cruising through crystal clear and blue waters, then stopping at a stunning beach on a tropical island, sounds like the stuff dreams are made of right? Well take the Castaway Cruise to Nusa Penida and this is exactly what you will be doing!
 The Castaway Cruise starts from Benoa Harbour then tours through the waters surrounding Bali and its islands, finally reaching Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida. The Castaway Cruise takes place on a luxury sailing yacht, Aristocat and whilst on board you can do as little or as much as you like. Enjoy the views from the deck, have a nap listening to the waves on the boat, enjoy refreshments and chat with the staff…then dive into the beautiful aquamarine  ocean and enjoy snorkeling over the most pristine and colourful reefs, teeming with marine life (some people bring water-proof cameras for the compulsory ‘make your friends jealous’ holiday snaps!).

 Crystal Bay Penida cruise
 The cruise becomes quiet for an instant as we approach Crystal Bay…no words can describe the stunning white sand beach that greets you as you reach Nusa Penida.  There a delicious BBQ lunch awaits you on the beach, complete with fresh coconuts, and a fusion of local and international  cuisines. Castaway BeachWhilst on Nusa Penida, you can wander the beach, snorkel, scuba dive, have a massage, relax in a hammock on the beach or do island activities such as go on a village tour and watch local woodcarvers and sarong weavers hard at work, or simply enjoy the peace as you sit with locals making their beautiful Hindu flower offerings for their temples.

  The cruise then takes you sailing back to Benoa, where your transfer back to your hotel is waiting. OR you can create your own Castaway adventure and stay on Nusa Penida!

Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three islands and whilst still relatively quiet, it does have some must-see and things to do. 

  Angel’s Billabong can be a little challenging to get to, with a rocky climb down, however once you reach the natural infinity pool, the climb is worth it. It’s a beautiful way to enjoy the refreshing waters without being in the waves. Atuh Beach is another must-see beautiful bay, with white sand beaches, rocky outcrops, natural caves and an abundance of bird and marine life.

Crystal Bay Penida Res
 If a climb doesn’t bother you, head to the Goa Giri Putri Cave. The entrance is very small, so hold off on the extra bintang the night before! But once you get through the entrance and climb a small way down, you’ll head inside an enormous cave in the mountain. The cave holds sacred temples belonging to the Hindu and Buddhist religions and it considered a spiritual place for those seeking quiet reflection and prayer, cleansing and meditation.

 You can also do bird watching in the National Parks and with a local guide, you’ll hopefully catch glimpses of the protected Bali Starling and other animals that live on the three islands. They do have a National Parks office so drop by, chat with the volunteer staff and make a donation to help protect and conserve this stunning environment.

As for where to eat and where to stay….that’s for another blog! More island adventures coming up soon.

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