Nusa Lembongan through new eyes

As a regular to Nusa Lembongan, I do tend to forget just how beautiful the island really is. So it was a lovely experience bringing my parents over and seeing the island through new eyes.

We took the boat over to Mushroom Bay and as we pulled in I turned to look at Mum and Dad – to see the biggest smiles and widest eyes taking in the stunning view.

We were met by Hai Tide Beach Resort staff and Mum and Dad were taken to reception for a cold towel and fresh juice. A short tour of the resort property by the resort manager Josh, and they were then shown to their beachfront lumbung. Mum kept saying: ‘isn’t this beautiful?!’. Dad just shook his head, smiling. Yes, I guess this vision will have that affect on people…

Nusa Lembongan Island, Lembogan Beach, Bali Hai Cruises

The resort staff had organised an island tour for us, which is available for all guests. I walk around the island every time I visit so perhaps I don’t ‘see’ what new visitors see anymore, but experiencing the family island tour with Mum and Dad, opened my eyes to the beauty of the island and I hope I don’t forget it again!

We stopped at the seaweed farms, with Josh talking us through the process and showing us just how hard the farmers have to work. It’s back breaking work and subject to weather and tides and therefore long unpredictable hours. For us, the scenery was stunning but the piles of seaweed drying and the heavy baskets bursting with fresh seaweed, were a constant reminder of a farming practice that is such a significant part of the culture and life on the island.

 A short trip down the road in the Hai Tide Beach Resort ‘bus’ and we were at the famous 
Nusa Lembongan Beach, Bali Hai Cruises Packageyellow bridge, the only connection to Nusa Ceningan. The traditional boats, jukungs, were all lined up and seemed almost level with the water under the weight of their cargo – which on this day was building supplies. It’s amazing to think that every brick, tile and nail is brought over to Nusa Lembongan on these very boats.

Back in the bus and a drive through Jungut Batu village to the mangroves, for a well timed Bintang stop. Dad had been very quiet throughout the tour but over a Bintang he said that the island is a very different Bali, more real, more authentic, more of a village. And it is…but with surprisingly good wi-fi almost everywhere!

Time for a quick afternoon siesta for me while Mum and Dad sat on their balcony and watched the waves roll in, then dinner at Hai Bar & Grill. Red wine, amazing food (Dad had the scotch fillet, Mum had their signature Nasi Goreng, and I had my usual grilled tuna), followed up by lemon posset for dessert. We ordered one to share then ordered another. Oh, and this view… 

Nusa Lembogan Sunset, Bali Sunset, Bali Hai Cruises

Taking my parents to the island was the best trip I’ve had to Lembongan because they loved it and can’t wait to come back, and I remembered why I fell in love with Nusa Lembongan in the first place. 

 See you on Nusa Lembongan soon,

 The Travellist

PS Coffee lovers – head to Hai Bar & Grill for your coffee fix. And don’t just take my word for it, just look at the smile on my Mum’s face! 

 Bali Hai Tide Beach Resort, Bali Hai Cruise, Nusa Lembogan, Lembonga Island

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