A Matter of Perspective

In the Bali Hai Cruises office we have been looking for a way to show everyone interested out there what the Bali-Hai, Nusa Lembongan experience is really like. Of course you can see the folders, website, social media, Tripadvisor and movies that are currently online but none of them exactly depicts the feeling and the customer perspective that our cruises provide.
That is why we decided on doing a consumer oriented video where you can see, first-person what these cruises have to offer. 

We want to give you the most profound view of what these cruises are like, not only a first-hand experience but also by someone who goes on these cruises for the first time.
Sundeck, Bali Hai Cruise, Catamaran Sailing

We decided to ask our university student intern if he could work with a series of customer perspective videos. The reason behind this is that as a recent addition to the team this intern is fresh to the cruises and can genuinely provide a perspective that of someone new to our products. Over time of course, he or she also gets to appreciate the little things in these cruises that you won’t see the first time you go.

The method of choice for videotaping is to use GoPro technology to give you the best possible quality of video for various conditions and circumstances with also a red filter for the underwater filming.

Stick around for the next blog post by our intern on his dealings with shooting the videos.

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