Mangrove Tour Lembongan

Mangrove Tour

Something a bit different

Glide quietly over the still waters between mangrove trees. A local guide will “pole” you along in your wooden canoe. The atmosphere is quiet and leaves you time to appreciate where the fish spawn and the little ones prepare for their life in the big ocean.
Bali Hai’s optional Mangrove Tour educates tourists about the importance of mangroves in the eco-system as well as guiding the locals in preserving such precious environment. In addition, it brings much needed income to an area that was rarely visited by tourists until the start of this program (Optional activity, not included in cruise)
Did you know: Many fish and crustacean species are dependent of Mangroves as important nursery areas for their juveniles. Mangroves and coral reefs have a symbiotic relationship – the reef protects the coast where the mangroves grow from being eroded by the sea, and the forest traps sediment washed from the land that would otherwise smother the reef.

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