Lights – Camera – Action!

From the get-go it was always the idea to shoot the honest and true Bali Hai Cruises experience: No actors, no professional film crew. We wanted the product to speak for itself.

I have done a previous internship with a similar type of company in the Caribbean but I was astonished by the beauty of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and the diving with Bali Hai Diving Adventures. I have had the luck of diving in a lot of diving sites around the world but none of those places compare to diving on Lembongan and Penida. The immense fields of coral and huge amount of fish have mesmerized me.

The locations Bali Hai Cruises operates has something for everyone, this is what attracted me to this company: it doesn’t matter if you are a couple looking for a secluded bounty island tour (Nusa Penida) or a beautiful relaxing day on a luxury resort with all the facilities with your family, Bali Hai has it all. Nusa Penida Diving, Bali Hai Diving Adventure, Bali Hai Cruise

To begin filming I first had to get familiar with the GoPro and with the different cruises so I got the opportunity to go on several cruises to Lembongan to have the true experience and trial some video. The funny thing about filming is, it is a lot more subtle than people think. You have to keep the camera very still but in every shot you need movement to make it interesting, this is the conflict in filming. Also I found out that that in order to produce one good video of about 90 seconds you easily need about 20 minute of video. So this was where the magnitude of the task that lay ahead became apparent to me.

The diving underwater with camera was very hard for me. I had a lovely instructor named Rosie who runs the dive shop for Bali Hai Diving on Lembongan but at first all the shots were very shaky. With the help of Rosie however I learned to be very still in the water to take the shots I needed.

After shooting some initial footage it was important to work on my editing skills. For the editing I used GoPro studio. This is mostly because of its compatibility with the GoPro but also because of its simplicity.

So after some practice I was ready to go: Each tour one, or twice depending on weather conditions. Intern life on Bali could be worse.

I had a great time onboard every Bali Hai Cruise. Crystal Bay Sky View, Nusa Lembongan island, Nusa Lembonga CruiseThe people but also the customers themselves are so nice and I ended up having fun conversations with people on every cruise. Every location we went to was beautiful, from the dolphin watching on open sea to the secluded beach of the Castaway Cruise I had a great time shooting every bit of video and I think that is reflected in all of the videos that you can find online.

I believe that I did okay on what I set out to do, give you a short impression of what the Bali Hai experience is for your selected cruise. All of the videos are online on the youtube pages of Bali Hai Cruises and Bali Hai Diving Adventures. Please feel free to comment on any improvements I can make, I am of course still a starting movie editor!

For anyone thinking about travelling to Bali: Come, you will not be disappointed! It might be a far flight for anyone not living in Australia but this is the most versatile island I have ever been on. Immerge yourself in the true religious traditions and tranquilities in the North, see the most beautiful beaches and surf in the south, find your spirituality in Ubud or take beautiful trips to Lembongan and the Gili’s where beautiful diving, freediving, snorkeling & surfing are the norm any day every day!

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