Hai Bar & Grill – Great Food, Stunning Views, and Chill

Hai Bar & Grill - interior, Bali Hai Club

For those of you who don’t know me, my blog is called The Travellist and I spend a lot of time on Nusa Lembongan. I’m a Bali blogger who is more than a tad obsessed with food…so naturally I visit Hai Bar & Grill more than once during any trip to the island.

Hai Bar & Grill only opened 3 years ago but already has the reputation of being a fabulous place to go for delicious fresh food, tasty and decadent cocktails, and friendly service from the whole team. It’s a spectacular ‘building’, if you can call it a building, in that other than cocktails - Espresso Martinithe flooring, it’s made entirely of bamboo. A very impressive view when you arrive in Mushroom Bay and whether day or night, it’s a beautiful restaurant with a great fun atmosphere. And really what says tropical island more than bamboo and palm trees on the beach?!

Chef Agus is the head of the kitchen and just recently we featured him in our staff interview series. He is passionate about his creations and uses only the freshest produce. He can often be seen walking through the restaurant, chatting with guests and making sure everyone is happy with their menu choices. 
Josh is the manager of the resort, Hai Tide Beach Resort, and a part of his role is managing the restaurant as well. I might be biased because I have dined there a lot, but the whole team are super friendly and can’t do enough for you. Happy to make recommendations on the food, or even suggest trying a few restaurant faves, they enjoy their work and love making new friends from all over the world.

Beef Tenderloin Steak, Bali Hai Bar & Grill
Now as for the food, Hai Bar & Grill offers something really for everyone and considering it’s a well curated menu rather than pages and pages of food, that’s saying something. I do have favourites so here goes (and sorry if you are really hungry while reading this!): Fish and chips; Hai Bar & Grill signature Nasi Goreng (trust me, you will NOT get a nasi goreng like this anywhere else); Grilled fish with Balinese vegetables and spices; Tuna Nicoise salad; Soto Ayam (another signature take on a famous Balinese dish); seafood paella; and any of the pizzas. Good pizza in Bali? The best! They recently had some Italian guests who claimed it was the best pizza they had eaten outside of Italy…can hardly argue with Italians about pizza!

It’s a great menu made up of Chef Agus’ take on Indonesian food with delish comfort food like Mac & Cheese, proper Mac & Cheese. Can’t help but think Josh, being from South Dakota, had something to do with that menu inclusion. As for dessert, key lime pie or crème brulee for me. Actually the maybe the lemon posset…..mmmmmm

Wine and Dine at Hai Bar & Grill

So my foodie suggestion, when visiting Nusa Lembongan, book a table for around 5.45ish at Hai Bar & Grill. Enjoy divine cocktails while watching a spectacular sunset, agonise over which amazing dish to have, enjoy a wine or icy cold beer….and enjoy sitting virtually on the beach for a true tropical dining experience.

PS you will become addicted to the place but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!
See you at Hai Bar & Grill soon,
The Travellist

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