Flying High with Bali Hai!

Who wouldn’t like to get gently pulled up from the sea level, fly through the heights with legs dangling free while viewing clear blue waters and beautiful coral reefs from a birds-eye perspective. Bali Hai Cruises has been running parasailing activities at Lembongan Island for more than 15 years and now following the christening of our brand new custom made parasailing boat “Hai Flyer” we are ready to let our guests enjoy absolute top notch parasailing experiences – up to 3 adults on the same ride!

bali parasailing boat, Bali Hai Speed Boat, Hai Flyer Boat

But let us look behind this funky sounding word and explore the history of this high flying adventure for a while. A regular parachute is obviously not suitable for parasailing because of its aerodynamic qualities. In 1961 A French engineer Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne introduced the “Ascending-Gliding Parachute” that could be used for ascent as well as for descent. Because of its added stabilizer and exhaust vents allowing oncoming air flow to be redirected to provide lift this “parasail” would ascend up to the sky when towed on.

parasail diagram
parasail diagram

Initially this new parasail was used by military for training purposes, it provided a much more convenient way to train paratroopers without the need to fly people up to the sky by a plane every time. Even astronauts have been trained with parasails to prepare for water survival and water landing conditions.

It was in 1969 when the recreational use of parasailing emerged of the Caribbean and Mexican beaches where this activity gained popularity. By this time parasailing was done over the land by towing the parasail with a vehicle, usually on the beach.

Today parasailing over beach or land is not considered safe and thus is done over water instead.

In early 70’s, Mark McCulloh took the lead in parasail equipment designs and pioneered advanced commercial parasailing by developing cutting edge products and setting industry standards worldwide. He created the complete set of equipment and procedures that are still basis for modern day parasailing standards. The introduction of Winchboat and floating parasailing harness along with many other inventions from McCulloh revolutionized parasailing forever

parasailing Lembongan, Bali Hai Cruises
Thanks to Mark McCullohs innovations and contribution in developing parasailing equipment we can all enjoy this high flying adventure safely today. For us in Bali Hai Cruises parasailing is inseparable part of our operations and selection of activities. Constantly we see people getting uplifted, not only physically but in spirit as well. We feel we have succeeded in our part when we see smiling and laughing customers jumping off the parasailing boat.

parasailing boat bali hai

Therefore we are excited to announce the launch of our new parasailing vessel “Hai Flyer”, powered by two 250 HP engines, an 11.5 meter fiberglass boat which boasts with fantastic features including a 36 foot parasail capable of safely carrying up to three full sized adults over one hundred feet into the air at one time. Lucky guests will even get the chance to capture the moment in flight with pictures or video via an onboard HD camera independently controlled by each flyer, the first of its type in Indonesia.
Bali Hai Cruises invites everyone to come and join us to glide through the air and see the stunning landscapes of Lembongan Island from a new point of view.

Fly high with Bali Hai!

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