Dolphin Spotting

Have you ever seen a Dolphin up close and personal?

We have a Bali Dolphin Watching Cruise that allows you to do just that.


The South Coast of Bali is the feeding ground of spinner dolphins and other species of dolphins and whales. Spinners are special – they jump up and spin much to the sheer delight of the people watching them. Dolphins also enjoy being pushed by the pressure wave at the bow of the boat which will give you a VERY close up look at them.


Our Dolphin Watching Cruise departs daily from Benoa Harbor, Bali at 7.30am and heads out to find these incredible dolphins. Our team of highly trained professionals know just where to find them and you will be able to see them in their natural state, enjoying the beautiful ocean in South Bali.


The Dolphin Watching Cruise returns to Benoa Harbour around 9.30am leaving you with memories and the chance to enjoy the rest of your day in Bali.

Dolphin Cruises


You can enjoy Dolphin spotting with Bali Hai on all of these cruises –You can enjoy Dolphin spotting with Bali Hai at all of these destinations –
Bali Hai Dolphin CruiseDolphin CruiseSouth Bali Dolphin WatchingSouth Bali


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