Dive Board Lembongan

Diving Board

Give it a try. It’s great fun!

Saltos, canon balls, back flips, omelettes and belly floppers! All those fun names for leaping off a diving board and into the ocean. Now it’s time for you to start to make up the names for your own tricks and jumps! There are no limits other than gravity pulling you for a quick refreshing plunge after the hop.
Make it a little competition with your friends or your family. Or enthuse our photographers to catch the moment when you fly through the air. They love this game and It makes for a fantastic shot. Give it a try. It’s great fun!



You can enjoy the diving baoard with Bali Hai on all of these cruises –You can enjoy the diving board with Bali Hai at all of these destinations –
Bali Hai Reef CruiseBali Hai Reef CruiseNusa Lembongan SnorkelingNusa Lembongan


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