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Whether you are a first time visitor to Bali or a seasoned regular, being aware of travel tips and general advice about traveling to Bali is a good idea. I often get asked whether travelling to Bali with kids is safe – it’s as safe as travelling anywhere I would think. But you can make your trip as safe as possible and you can be prepared for wherever you are going and whoever you are with.
airport, flights to BaliIt’s always tempting to book the cheap flights, which is great if it’s just adults or older children who can entertain themselves. But the cheapest flights with little kids can be a nightmare. They are usually at terrible times of the day and they won’t come with things like movies and food options which help keep little people busy. Why arrive at your Bali holidays spot stressed? My advice would be to spend a bit extra, get the good seats on the good flight and order food – those little parcels to open keep kids entertained until you get the iPad fired up with movies.

visa, visa to baliThere are a lot of countries that now have the Visa On Arrival exception (meaning you get 30 days free entry) for free but you should check before you go anywhere…just in case rules have changed. And more often than not, if you didn’t pay a Visa On Arrival, you won’t be able to extend your visa either…should you be having such an amazing time you NEED to extend your visa.

Do not risk drinking the water from the tap. Use bottled water when brushing your teeth or making baby formula, gastro or upset tummies for anyone on holidays is no fun. Some hotels and resorts now have water treatment plants so you can drink the tap water, but also check first. Many restaurants now use filtered water to clean foods and make ice but if in doubt, ask.
Just because you are holidays, doesn’t make you invincible – although it tends to feel that way. Remember helmets when on the road, get travel insurance, have a license recognised in Indonesia, and be courteous to other people on the road. It all helps to create a safer and more enjoyable trip around Bali.

mountain-bikes, riding bike lembongan
Part of our company is on Nusa Lembongan, with a dive school, stunning beachfront lumbung accommodation, a beach club and a restaurant. While it is a part of Bali, it is still a small island off the coast so there are some things to remember.
– There is only one ATM on the island and it frequently runs out of cash with so many people visiting. Make sure to bring enough cash to last your whole trip on Lembongan so you can dive, snorkel and dine out as often as you like.
– The island has a stunning underwater and above water environment and animals play a large part of that. Book a dive to see some of the 247 species of coral and 562 species of reef fish (I have no idea who counted that but it’s an impressive number all that same.)
– Lembongan has limited vehicles and lots of motorbikes. But if you don’t scooter, there are transport options. A lot of restaurants and accommodation now offer a pick up and drop off service. E.g. Hai Bar & Grill will collect you from you hotel or villa, bring you to the restaurant or to Movies Under the Stars, and then drop you home again. Or you could stay at Hai Tide Beach Resort and not need to go anywhere!
– Lembongan is also very close to the neighbouring islands of Ceningan and Penida. To view village life and island life, you could book a village tour during the day and the next day take the Aristocat cruise to Penida to view island life and see spectacular marine life.
Travel tips help make your Bali holiday exactly what it should be…an adventure, or a relaxing ‘put your feet up’ trip, or a water sport mecca, or a shopping and cocktail long weekend…in other words a Bali holiday can be anything and everything you want it to be!
Happy cruising and happy holiday-making!

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