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Guests traveling to Bali on holiday often look for a list of the ‘Top Activities in Bali’ in order to maximize their precious time on the Island of the Gods. A huge selection of activities is available here in Bali. There is something for everyone: tours of Balinese temples, world-class beaches, stunning landscapes and exhilarating water sports such as scuba diving, parasailing, and surfing.

While Bali offers many opportunities to try new activities and experiences, one thing you definitely don’t want to skip is the snorkeling in Bali! Let’s have a look at our take on the unique snorkeling Bali has to offer.

Snorkeling is widely available in all parts of the Island, however it is crucial to choose the right spot for your experience level to be able to comfortably and safely enjoy the views of the underwater world. Without a doubt, one of the best Bali snorkeling areas is around the neighboring sister islands, Nusa Lembongan, Penida and Ceningan. All of our day trips over to Lembongan and Penida provide a chance to snorkel and take a glimpse under the surface to discover wonders of the vibrant reefs of the islands. Feel free to check out the different destinations where you can enjoy the snorkeling in Bali on one of Bali Hai Cruises’ unique day tours.

Our favorite place for snorkeling is in Lembongan Bay because of the beautifully diverse coral reefs and huge amount of tropical fish species that live there. The Bali Hai Pontoon is the destination of our daily Reef Cruise. There, in Lembongan Bay, our day trip guests can find more than 250 different reef fish species on a regular basis, with more than 600 fish species having been identified around the three islands of Lembongan, Penida and Ceningan.

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Apart from the amazing marine environment, Bali’s sister islands provide also great variety of snorkeling sites for all experience levels. Snorkelers at our Bali Hai Pontoon may enjoy the underwater sights with the safety of surface floats and trained life guards on duty. This makes snorkeling the perfect family activity. For those a bit more adventurous and comfortable in the water, our 3 islands cruise is the perfect choice as you will visit the absolute best snorkeling coral reefs in Bali while cruising around the impressive landscapes of the neighboring islands.

Bali is in the heart of the South-East Asian Coral Triangle, the most abundantly diverse marine habitat in the world. The Coral Triangle is an underwater equivalent to the Amazon rain forest. 75% of the World’s coral species are found here; that’s close to 600 different species. Over 3000 species of reef fish have been scientifically recognized; this is almost twice as many species as can be found from the Great Barrier Reef. This makes Bali snorkeling a memorable experience and a great choice of activity on your holiday in Bali. See you on the boat!

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