Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise (The Travellist review)

Sunset Dinner Cruise Bali, Romantic Dinner Cruise

I’m fairly new to cruises so I had no idea what to expect on a sunset dinner cruise…other than the obvious sunset and dinner!

Recently I went to a SKAL event aboard the Bali Hai ll for a sunset dinner cruise. We were greeted by the staff and handed flowers and proceeded to the garden area for drinks and music. Once all the guests had arrived, we walked the plank (so to speak) onto the boat and were able to have photos taken with the welcoming staff in traditional Balinese clothing.

Entertainment Cruise, Bali Hai Cruise, Night Cruise Bali

Drinks on the deck we re accompanied by a cruise around Benoa harbour, taking in the sites of the boats, the shoreline and the islands in the distance. And honestly, there is something quite magical about a gentle breeze, a glass of wine, on the deck of a beautiful boat watching a stunning sunset over Bali.

When the sun went down, it was time to take out seats and enjoy dinner – a huge buffet of every kind of food you can imagine with wine or beer. It’s a well thought out menu and with plenty of room at the tables, whether you are with friends or sitting with other guests you just met that night, you’re bound to enjoy a wine, great food and a laugh.

And then the entertainment starts – traditional Balinese dancers performing to beautiful Balinese music….. followed by a Drag show! It’s light-hearted fun, great music and fabulous dresses! And it definitely makes you want to get up a dance.

Party on the Boat Bali, Night Cruise Bali, Bali Hai Cruise

Which is lucky because next comes the music and an empty dance-floor that rapidly fills with guests from all over the boat, all the while the boat is still cruising the harbour, not that you are necessarily watching the lights and the view because by now you are dancing up a storm (well I certainly was with my new friends)!
You can have more wine or beer or coffee throughout the night until you get back to Bali Hai in Benoa. But I was left wishing the night would continue – how often do you get to enjoy great food, performances, dancing and music, aboard a beautiful boat in Bali?!
But don’t take my word for it, get in touch with Bali Hai and book your tickets with a group of friends for a fun night out in Bali…and on the water!
Happy Cruising,
The Travellist

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