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Lembongan is famous for it’s stunning waters and amazing marine life, which is why so many people visit – for the snorkelling, diving and water sports. Even if you haven’t done any diving previously, you will have lots of opportunity to learn from highly qualified instructors and are guaranteed to book another dive….and another dive….it’s addictive!

Whether you are an experienced diver or a first time diver, our qualified instructors have the skills to help you learn and enjoy your dives in safe conditions and with constant support. And you can start your diving experience in so many ways.
Bali Sea Walker, Lembongan Sea Walker, Bali Hai AquanautsTry Aquanauts which is based on our pontoon. It’s not diving as such but gives you time to get used to breathing through the hose and spending time under water, taking in the stunning corals and fish swimming all around. Once you’ve mastered that, you could move onto snorkelling.
Because the waters all around Lembongan are so clear, snorkelling gives you a great opportunity to see beautiful corals, reef, fish and get the feel of moving with the waves and tides. And of course you learn how to breathe through the mask and adjust the googles if water gets in.
Snorkelling is a relaxed way to enjoy the waters around the island and you could spend hours just floating along watching the underwater world pass you by.
Next…diving. Our instructors have years of experience and hundreds of dives under their belt so they can work with beginner divers or even the most experienced divers. They will talk you through the theory of tides, ocean care, what to expect, safety signals, and how to use the equipment.

Diver in the Red Sea, Egypt

Then comes time in our special deep dive pool, learning how to submerge, wear the dive gear, breath underwater for longer periods of time and get comfortable with the feeling of moving freely underwater.
Only once you are comfortable and once our instructors are comfortable, will you actually do a dive. We check the condition at our dive sites constantly, and we will change locations if we feel viewing or conditions are better elsewhere.
Feel free to bring waterproof cameras as some amazing shots can be taken of the corals, fish, and you might even spot one of the famous manta rays or mola-mola (sunfish).

scuba dive with the gracious manta rays, Lembongan Manta rays

Have a look at our website and Facebook page for photos of happy divers, completely their first dive right through to doing their dive master courses.
Happy Diving!

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