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If you have read my blogs before, you know I spend a lot of time on Nusa Lembongan and I’m also a huge fan of Hai Tide Beach Resort and Hai Bar & Grill. But I’m completely honest when I say, I have never caught the Bali Hai Cruise boat over to the island – time to change that!

Bali Hai II, Nusa Lembonga Cruise

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to the offices at Benoa harbour but being greeted by lots of smiling faces asking if they could help me, was a perfect start to the tour. I was taken to the counter where my ticket and wrist band were waiting for me and then I saw it…an ATM! That might seem like an over-reaction but there is only one ATM on Nusa Lembongan and understandably, it often runs out of cash. How very organised and convenient to have an ATM in the Bali Hai Cruises foyer!
Reef cruise snorkeling, Bali Hai, Nusa LembonganI sat with two families on the boat and we chatted over coffee and scones (I also had a muffin but who’s counting?). One family had been on the Bali Hai cruise to Nusa Lembongan about two years ago and loved it. So when they came back to Bali with friends, they booked again. The thing is, they said, by going on the cruise to the island, they see so much more of Bali. The adults can relax on the beach and enjoy the Beach Club, while the kids are entertained and occupied all day on the pontoon doing all the water activities. They are all together as a family but everyone gets to do as much or as little as they like….all while spending time on a stunning tropical island that offers a different experience of holiday in Bali.
We docked at the pontoon and having never been on the pontoon before (how is that even possible after visiting so many times?!) I was impressed with what was available to do, the friendly and helpful staff, and how organised it all was. I was guided to the boat to take me straight to the island and spent the short trip watching people line up for banana boat rides, Aquanauts sea walk adventures and snorkeling tours.

Bali Hai II, Bali Hai Sea Walker, Bali Hai Aquanuts

As we got near the beach, being the ‘seasoned expert’ I took my shoes off for the beach landing. Except instead of wading through the water, the pontoon boat almost lands on the beach so it’s a dry sand arrival with no feet or shoes getting wet – very helpful if you are with small children, carrying babies or even with older family members who might need a softer sand arrival.
For this island visitor, the cruise was a relaxing and calm way to head to Lembongan, and I loved how organised the tour and activities were. When travelling with your family, you want everyone to enjoy their holiday so going on a cruise to Lembongan is a great idea – it’s organised and safe and can be relaxing for those who want to unwind or action-packed for those who want to try Lembongan island snorkeling, banana boat ride, scream down water slides into the beautiful ocean, go scuba diving, be an aquanaut….there’s everything you want in a cruise and more. So who would I recommend go on the cruise? Everyone! You can find your Bali cruises here.

Bali Hai Benoa, Bali Hai II StaffPS: Normally the man in the middle is taking photos of you as you walk onto the boat – I thought it was his turn to be in the photo!

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