Deeper look into Bali Hai Day and Evening cruises

Beach Club Lembongan Island, Bali Hai Cruise

When traveling for holiday you always have many questions about the top things to do in your destination. People that travel Bali surely do not lack options and are faced by myriad of activities to join and places to go while staying at the Island of the Gods.  How to choose the best activities in Bali? How to find the best day trips and top day tours? Where is it all happening for classy nightlife and how to find the hot spots to party? These are questions that many ponder before and during their holiday in Bali.  

Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise, Beach CLub Lembongan IslandBali Hai Beach Club Cruise, Bali Day Tours                                                                   
 We at Bali Hai Cruises would like to help you in planning your visit in Bali the best we can. Therefore in the coming weeks we will publish a series of blog posts that feature our whole cruise family; all day cruises, trips to Lembongan and Penida, evening and dinner cruises, romantic dining in candle light and unique tropical paradise island escapades. 

      Bali Dinner CruiseBali Night Cruise, Bali Hai Cruise                         

This series of articles will open a deeper view into the cruise itineraries, what can you do on Beach Club cruise? What happens on Sunset Dinner Cruise? We will share insights on how to get most out of your cruise experiences, give some useful tips for each day & dinner cruise and make sure you will know what to bring with you and what you can leave back at your hotel.

Bali Night Cruise, Bali Hai Cruise, Bali Hai Activities

We are looking forward to sharing this information with you and helping to make your family cruise a great day out or to choose the best dinner cruise to join on your honeymoon. Stay tuned for more and warm welcome to cruise with Bali Hai, see you on board!


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