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As a large employer on Lembongan and a big presence in the harbour at Benoa, it is important to the company that we are actively involved in our community and the villages in which we live. To that end, we have initiatives that ensure we are looking after the environment we work, live and play in.

Last year we organised a big island day at our resort on Lembongan for Earth Day. We invited all the local schools to participate with beach clean ups, education workshops and games structured around learning. The teams from Coral Triangle Circle, Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Bottles for Botols ran the workshops and left everyone with lots of information and ideas on how we can all care for the environment.

Bali Hai Community

We also distributed 5000 reusable plastic bags around Nusa Lembongan. With plastic bags taking so long to break down, and with rubbish disposal an issue anywhere in Bali, we felt starting this initiative and creating a program to help eradicate plastic bags from Lembongan, would certainly help the island’s biodiverse environment, land and water, to continue to flourish without having plastic contaminants to deal with.

Bali Hai is committed to land and ocean care so we also have a grey water system at our Benoa offices and on Lembongan. The resort, restaurant and beach club on Lembongan also take advantage of a reverse osmosis desalination system – removing salt and impurities from well water and turning into water that can be used in bathrooms, gardens and around the resort. It’s something we are very proud of so please don’t hesitate to talk to our staff when visiting Lembongan and ask how the system works. One of our regular visitors, The Travellist, says she loves being able to drink from the tap at our resort – something you can’t do in many places in Bali at all!

Bali Hai is also part of the ‘Adopt a dive site’ program run by Project Aware. As we have a large dive business on Lembongan, including our pontoon and aquanaut program, protecting our dive sites is not just work, it’s an essential part of our core values…the stunning marine life must be protected and cared for so it is around for years to come and can be enjoyed safely and cleanly by all.

Bali Hai Diving, Bali dive sites

Bali Hai Diving Adventures is our dive company with offices in Benoa and also on Lembongan. It is a plastic free company with no plastic bottles for water or plastic bags allowed within the businesses. Our divers have seen the trouble plastics can cause our waterways so the whole team, and company, is committed to doing our best to keep the waters and environment plastic bottle and bag free.

We have long been involved in research programs regarding the beautiful reef and marine life surrounding Bali and its islands. We have so much information available if you are interested in learning more about our social and community responsibilities, so please get in touch if you want more information or want to be a part of any of our initiatives and programs.

Happy cruising and diving in clean waters and we’ll see you soon on Lembongan!

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