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As a large company with many local employees, it’s extremely important for us to be an active part of our community, which includes participating in programs to help people and the environment.

Yellow Bridge Lembongan, Bali Hai Charity, Lembongan Transfer BoatIn tragic circumstances, recently the famous Yellow Bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan collapsed, taking precious lives with it and changing the islands forever. It was an incredibly distressing time and still affects the lives of so many who live here. There is nothing a company can do to ease the pain or suffering or lessen the grief, except to offer support any way we can. So we organised fundraising for the victims and families, and ensured boats were available to assist children getting to and from school, local people getting to and from work, and of course visitors being able to move between both the islands. We wanted to help people go about their daily lives and to help those impacted the most by this terrible and heart-breaking event.

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Being a part of our community is also about actively looking after the environment we live in, work in and play in. To that end, we regularly organize and participate in beach clean-up days, with our staff on the beach clearing away washed up refuse every morning. Earlier this year we held events and activities for guests and island locals at Hai Tide Beach Resort for Earth Day. We invited all the schools to join in and we had fun and educational games and programs all day. We invited The Coral Triangle Centre to talk to us about ocean care and the inspirational girls from Bye Bye Plastic Bags showed us the dangers of plastic bags to our animals and the environment and then demonstrated how we could get around using plastic bags at all! Our aim now to is make Lembongan a plastic bag- free island and we have recently donated 2000 reusable bags all around the island.

But our care for the environment actually started many years ago. In 1991, we launched a monitoring program, which is still active today, that surveys the health and condition of our reefs and under water environment. With Bali Hai Diving adventures on the island, we have eyes underwater every day – another way we report changes in our oceans and make sure we are protecting the stunning reefs and waters around us.

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In 2002, along with the Rotary Club Division 9740 of Australia, we built the Nusa Lembongan primary school and just recently we donated furniture and supplies to update the educational equipment at the school. We also have trainee programs at our island based Bali Hai businesses, such as Hai Bar & Grill, which offer training and support for local people seeking a career in hospitality.

If you would like to know more about our community or charity programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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