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Bali Hai II pontoon, Lembongan activities

With so much to see and do on the pontoon, you’ll want to come back time and time again. We’ve created activities for all the family to enjoy, where you can take it easy and relax or be as adventurous as you like.

Our pontoon is just off the coast of Nusa Lembongan, and our cruise boat takes you there from Benoa Harbour daily. Our cruise staff are only too happy to help you work out your activities for the day and plan a fun filled day for the whole family. We take into account that everyone is at a different level in the water, so you can do as many activities as you feel comfortable with, or just one or two you really want to try out.

Dive board, bali hai cruise activities

Once you arrive on the pontoon, you can start your day immediately in any of the activities, or you may choose to take the smaller boats to shore and relax on the beach. The smaller boat goes between the island and the pontoon regularly so you can go between the two whenever you like.
The pontoon caters for all sorts of water activities including snorkelling, a 35 meter water slide, and a diving board. The waters around the pontoon are perfectly safe and our staff are always there to make sure you are having fun and to assist should you need anything.
If you would prefer to see more of what goes on under water, try being an aquanaut. Your face doesn’t get wet as you wear a full helmet that supplies you with air, no snorkel or mask required. Then you can simply float or walk around on the ocean floor, watching fish come up close to you, and experiencing the beauty of the islands reef and corals.
Underwater viewing chamber, bali hai aquanautsIf you would rather see underwater without getting too up close and personal, try our semi submarine rides or the underwater viewing chamber. Without getting your feet wet, you can enjoy all the underwater marine life and learn more about the ocean environment around Lembongan.
Who knows? Once you’ve experience aquanauts or the underwater viewing chamber, you may decide you are ready for an actual dive lesson. Just let one of our staff know and they will take you ashore to the Bali Hai Diving Adventures dive shop where our fully qualified dive instructors can help you plan your first dive. We have dives for all skillets whether beginner or very experienced.
The smaller boats will take you to the island for a delicious BBQ lunch so check out our restaurant, Hai Bar & Grill, and our resort, Hai Tide Beach Resort, while you there – next holiday on Nusa Lembongan! After lunch you can easily spend time relaxing on the beach or having a swim in the stunning Mushroom Bay…or you could enjoy a banana boat ride or go at your own pace doing some kayaking.
Like I said, with so many water activities on offer on our pontoon and on the island, you’ll want to come back time and time again….and we’re looking forward to seeing you and your family every time!
Happy water sports and island adventures!

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