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Nyepi Day, or day of silence, is a day of reflection and time to think about the past, present and future. The hindu people of Bali celebrate this day by staying inside, they don’t work, no lights can be turned on, no electricity used at all in fact, and no sound can be made. The only people allowed outside are the Pecalang to ensure the streets are quiet.

The days leading up to Nyepi see ceremonies everywhere, with many Hindu performing Melasti pilgrimages – long walks down the beach where they perform purifying ceremonies. It’s colorful and peaceful and an opportunity to participate in a stunning and powerful Hindu ceremony.

On the eve of Nyepi, it’s noisy everywhere. Households perform blessings and ceremonies at the family temple, some still clanging pots and pans and noisy objects to scare away the bad spirits. The famous ogoh-ogoh parade occurs during the evening, where ghoul-like hand made effigies are walked up and down the streets, with banjars holding their own ogoh-ogoh in a type of competition or face-off against other Banjar ogoh-ogoh. Some ogoh-ogoh are destroyed and burnt, some are left in the Banjar. But the whole village comes out to join in and celebrate.

Then once it’s over, everyone returns home to their family villages to be ready for Nyepi which starts at 6am and goes through to 6am the next day.

In the past, some resorts on Nusa Lembongan were able to run minimal electricity or power for the comfort of guests. However this year the villages on the island have decided they want to be as traditional as possible so there will be no electricity or generators allowed. We suggest you think about your plans over this period and consider where you will be the most comfortable for that day.

Nyepi this year falls on the 28th March. It will be business as usual on the 27th and 29th.

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