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Bali Hai has been operating in and on the waters around Bali and Lembongan for over 25 years. We have seen many changes with more boats and guests enjoying the ocean and amazing underwater worlds. The island of Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida have also seen much growth with new resorts, villas and dive center opening over the last few years.
To ensure we minimize our impact on the environment, Bali Hai is a part of programs that allow us to maintain and protect our clean waters and the environment. We are partners with Project AWARE which is an organisation that is committed to ensuring businesses are 100% AWARE of their impact on the ocean and how they can help protect the ocean and maintain the oceans health.

Two such programs are Dive Against Debris and Adopt a Dive Site. Dive Against Debris is an initiative that sees divers doing surveys of what they see while underwater – the changes in the ocean and its inhabitants and obviously, any debris in the waters. Any debris is also removed and taken out of the ocean for proper disposal.

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Scuba divers play an important part in caring for the ocean. Regular divers know the dive sites and can report any significant changes. Their role is also crucial in preventing, removing and reporting any debris in the water. Prevention comes from education around proper rubbish disposal and also raising awareness of the impact of rubbish in the water. It isn’t just ugly, it isn’t just a contaminant in the ocean, it is also incredibly dangerous for any marine life who ingest the debris and can cause disease to spread through the reef, coral, and all the species who live in that ecosystem.

The Adopt a Dive Site program sees our qualified dive team monitor and record all movements, changes, any debris and the general condition of one particular dive site. It is detailed and committed work but it must be done to ensure accurate results are being recorded so that the ocean is being monitored.

Bali Hai Diving Adventures is committed to protecting the beautiful oceans we work and play in every day. All our team is accredited and supports all the initiatives from 100% AWARE and we proudly display our accreditation in the dive center. Each dive we donate towards the project which in turn helps keep our oceans clean and safe by funding these important programs.

For more information, ask for the brochures when at our dive shop or office in Benoa, and talk to our teams about the role they play in ensuring our oceans are clean and healthy and safe for everyone for years to come.

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