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If you read our blogs regularly, you’ll know that I spend a lot of time at Hai Tide Beach Resort. If you are new to our blog, let me introduce myself….my name is Clare and I’m from the Travellist.

With so many activities to do at Hai Tide Beach Resort, I always suggest people stay for 3 to 5 days. Your first day is always great to settle in and relax and lie around the pool getting into island time. The rest of the days can be filled with snorkeling, diving, heading to the pontoon for water slides or banana boat rides, trying aquanauts if you are new to underwater sports, or take in the island by doing a village tour. And of course lunch and dinner at Hai Bar & Grill.

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The best part of holidaying at Hai Tide Beach Resort, it can be as action packed or as relaxing as you like. I know you aren’t allowed to have favourites but there are two things I want to tell everyone to try if they want some chill out time: beach front massages and Movies Under The Stars.


I had my first massage at Hai Tide Beach Resort this week and it was divine! The ‘spa’ is made up of bamboo bales or huts on the beach but at the quiet end of the resort in Mushroom Bay so there is total privacy. I think it’s adds to the relaxation of a massage when all you can hear are birds and waves rolling onto the beach. There was cool and refreshing breeze that came in off the ocean and the massage was amazing… good in fact,the masseuse had to wake me up at the end. Now that’s relaxing! You can head straight to the massage bales or huts to book your massage, or head to reception at the beach club and they can book the time for you. I’m heading back tomorrow morning for another massage…for research purposes of course!

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Movies Under The Stars is a fun, family friendly way to enjoy island life at its best. Order dinner from Hai Bar & Grill, and I always get a cocktail, then pick your deck chair and the staff will bring everything out to you. Nothing says holiday on a tropical island more than dinner under the palm trees and stars, by candlelight on deck chairs! Then add a great movie and the sound of the waves on the beach…’s a perfect way to relax after a day of swimming or diving or snorkelling or…any one of the many activities on offer!

The movies are on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and change all the time, from old favourites like Star Wars to newer movies and family classics. To book your deck chairs and find out what movie is playing, email or call 0828 9710 3137

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