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Bali Hai Aquanauts, Bali Sea Walker Tour

The marine life around Nusa Lembongan is stunning and varied and part of visiting the island is enjoying the beautiful oceans. But I’ve never dived before and I’ve rarely snorkelled so I have been content with just swimming and paddling without ever venturing deeper. Aquanauts changed that!

You can wear bathers or a wet suit, whatever you are comfortable in, but your face never gets wet! The Aquanauts helmet allows you to breathe underwater with no need for the divers mouthpiece or tank. You simply place the helmet on, slowly go underwater and experience dry faced breathing in the beautiful ocean!

Lembonga marine adventure

Once you have moved around and got your sea legs, it’s fun experiencing a type of moon-walking, as though you have no gravity except the water moving you along. You sort of bounce along the sea floor and enjoy the weightless feeling while watching tropical fish swim by – I can only imagine what they must think we look like!
While being an aquanaut you ‘walk’ along looking at the fish, beautiful colors of the underwater ‘gardens’ and realize that looking after our marine life is an important role for everyone. The Bali Hai dive instructors explain how we can help look after our reef and its inhabitants, so seeing the beautiful reef really demonstrates what the instructors were saying. The vibrant and colorful coral of the reef is teaming with tropical fish and all sorts of creatures like seahorses…which now makes me curious about diving and the things I could see then!
Lembongan marine walk, Seawalker LembonganBetween us, I’ve actually been nervous to try diving. It’s just such a new thing for me. But doing Aquanauts made me realize that with experts like Bali Hai Diving, there’s nothing to be worried about. I felt safe and in control the whole time and it was nice knowing the experienced instructors were with us the whole time.
Next time you visit Nusa Lembongan, book an Aquanauts tour and experience a different view of the ocean, enjoy the colors and sounds, and if you have a water-proof camera, get some amazing shots of the stunning tropical fish and reef-dwelling sea creatures. Next step for me… diving with Bali Hai Diving!
See you soon on Nusa Lembongan,
The Travellist

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