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Island Cruise, Bali Hai Cruise, Nusa Lembongan IslandWe are a large organization that operates in Benoa, across the ocean to Lembongan, and all around the islands. It’s incredibly important to us that we leave as minimal an impact as possible and that we actively get involved in programs that look after the environment we are lucky enough to work in.

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Recently we held events and activities at Hai Tide Beach Resort on Lembongan for Earth Day. We had guest speakers including the team from Bye Bye Plastic Bags and The Coral Triangle Center, we invited all the children from the schools on Lembongan and Ceningan to come meet with them and hear their messages. We had a big beach clean up and then did educational games and programs all day, going through the responsibilities we all have in keeping our land and ocean environment clean, safe and protected.
We are committed to making a ‘Plastic Free Lembongan’ and to encourage this we just donated 2000 recyclable shopping bags around the island to various businesses and groups. The Bali Hai Cruise family is also in discussions now with Bye Bye Plastic Bags to finalise the management and logistics of Bali Hai Cruises moving 1000 – 2000kgs of plastic every month via one of our supply transport boats. This rubbish will leave the island and go back to Bali for recycling and processing. As our Resort Manager says, whatever is brought to the island, stays on the island and that includes rubbish. So our company is now making it a priority to help keep Lembongan clean and encourage a plastic free environment by removing as much plastic rubbish as we can and creating a community and environment that is promoting proper rubbish disposal and recycling.
Our resort also has a desalination plant which is used to desalinate sea water to provide fresh water for the resort and anywhere else in need and our plant and practices are certified and comply with World Health Organisation’s standards.
 ” Nusa Lembongan and it’s sister islands are surrounded by clear waters and stunning coral reefs which makes for fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving. As a major shareholder in the community, Bali Hai Cruises recognizes the importance of managing and protecting the coral reef assets of the region. Bali Hai Cruises implemented a monitoring program in 1991 to regularly survey the health and condition of the coral reefs. This program continues today and is funded by the Bali Hai Group.  In 2002 Bali Hai Cruises, in cooperation with the Rotary Club District 9740 of Australia, also contributed to building the Nusa Lembongan elementary school and recently in 2015 in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Kalamunda supported the elementary school by donating some much needed equipment such as chairs, tables and bookshelves to support the studies of the students “.
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The waters between Benoa and all around Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida are stunning and full of incredible marine life. A large part of obur business is about encouraging our guests to enjoy this beautiful underwater world, but to do so in a responsible manner. We need to ensure these islands and their waters are here for many generations to come to enjoy snorkelling and diving, but in a responsible way that doesn’t damage any of the land or underwater environments. All of our dive instructors are qualified and provide educational talks on every day about the waters around the islands and the care we must take while enjoying our time here.

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We enjoy being an active part of our community and in supporting our villages, schools and businesses, we can all work together to keep the islands and our waters clean, safe and healthy. The area is world famous now for its beauty, let’s do everything we can to keep it that way for the island inhabitants and visitors to enjoy for years to come and to ensure a safe and healthy marine and land environment.
When visiting our Benoa offices, cruising with us, participating in dive courses, or staying at our resort on Lembongan, ask how you can help and be a part of the ‘Plastic Free Lembongan’ program. We look forward to seeing you soon and appreciate you participating in the many environmental programs set up to care for the stunning waters and islands we are lucky enough to work and live on.
Happy cruising!

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