Bali Hai’s Cruises’ presents its exciting Marine Adventure, Aquanauts!


Aquanauts is an exciting underwater experience which uses our seawalker helmet to allow you to breathe underwater whilst walking amongst Lembongan’s vibrant tropical reefs and diverse marine life.
Perfect for those who would love to experience the amazing underwater world for the very first time, and catch a glimpse of tropical fish and vibrant coral reef, just as you would when scuba diving or snorkeling but without even getting your face wet!

How does it work?

Aquanauts, allows everyone to immerse themselves into the marine world. It’s easy, fun and safe! Enjoy a full safety briefing (available in English, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian) and then let the adventure begin!
Once you slip into the water, our friendly team will help you put on your unique Seawalker helmet, which will keep your face completely dry! And no need to use any mouth piece! Under the supervision of your experienced Aquanauts guide, you will experience moon walking on the ocean floor while discovering a new world, just like Astronauts in space!

Where is it?

Experience the colourful tropical fish and beautiful coral reef in the crystal clear waters surrounding Lembongan Island. Interact with colourful Clown Fish (Nemo), Butterfly Fish, Angel Fish, Surgeon Fish, Seargant Major, Trumpet fish, Zebra fish and many more.

Let’s go, the ultimate marine adventure awaits you!

Aquanauts Cruises


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